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Oil purifier industry technology research analysis

In the transport, storage, use, machinery use oil often mixed with water and mechanical impurities, which have an impact on the performance and life of machinery and equipment.Water falling on metal surfaces can cause rust, oil mixed with water, in addition, affect the performance of the oil, lowering the viscosity of the oil;Mechanical impurities will work wear surface,make the working plane the scar; And so on.Oil purifier is a can improve the electrical insulation performance and the degree of purity of lubricant oil equipment, divided into two kinds of mobile and stationary.Mobile devices can according to need to change the workplace, it is equipped with thesystem of universal casters, help to equipment in the narrow or uneven work place. The site of the fixed structure used for long-term does not move.

Oil System Purifier by the filter, vacuum separators, pumps, piping, etc. constituted, coolers, condensers, water tanks, pumps, demister, pipeline and other constituted gas system electric control cabinet a pressure controller, solenoid valves and other components etc. constitute electrical system.Used to filter oil, hydraulic oil, machine tool cooling oil, lubricating oil, transformer oil, turbine oil, etc. An oil purifier can filter a variety of oil, do not need to replace the filter paper, plate and frame filter, tank device, etc.

Chongqing Fason purification equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the Technology Strength powerful oil purifier manufacturers, can be customized according to customer demand, we produce oil purifier is widely used in electricity, chemicals, printing and dyeing industry, is your equipment maintenance, extend equipment life a good helper.

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