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ZTS Oil Purification & Regeneration Equipment

FASON ZTS Oil Purification & Regeneration Equipment adopts the pure physical Low Temperature Distillation and Micro-Filtration Purification technology, it can rapidly separate all kinds of contaminations such as moisture,oxides, metal impurities, carbon residue, colloids, suspended and emulsified matters from waste oil, completely restore the physiochemical index (i.e. viscosity, PH value and flashing point) of the waste oil to meet the standards to be exactly same as brand new oil.

The unique Gravity Separation System and Decolorization System is able to turn the black color of waste oil into transparent yellow color to be exactly same as new oil, in the meanwhile the oil substances will be well kept. The regenerated oil can be reused as brand new oil constantly.

ZTS applies the brand new technology of three pumps and double temperature control system, completely avoid those problems caused by control failures from happening; and it has configured with Backwash System,Automatic Feeding and Discharging System, combines every single parts with Fason’s exclusive technologies makes our equipment running more and more stable and operation gets more and more convenient.

The Technical parameters of our ZTS series equipment

Technical Items

Model No.


 ZTS-30 ZTS-50  ZTS-100  ZTS-150  ZTS-200 ZTS-300
Total Power Kw/h  9  12  15  15  18  24
Rated Heating Power Kw/h  3  4.5  6  6  9  11
Average Power Kw/h  7.5  9.75  12  12  13.5  15
Oil Inlet Flow L/Min  30  50  100  150  200  300
Working Capacity L/8h  300-500 500-800 800-1200 1300-1500 1500-1800 1800-2000
Process Cost USD/MT       35-55USD
Working Temp. °C       30~160
Working Pressure MPa        ≤0.8

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